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What is video content or video marketing?

Video content

Video content or video marketing is one of the different ways of presenting content; If it has a good idea, plan and structure. which is implemented and presented in the best way, can be far more effective than other methods of content production.

In general, the daily release of 14 billion videos in the world alone shows the importance, effect and usefulness of video.

Benefits of video content

Now, what are these effects and benefits that can separate video from other methods of presenting content:

The first point is to combine image, sound, movement and text in the video. In a video, the message is conveyed to the audience both audio-visually, this increases the credibility of the audience and also gives more credibility to the conveyed message.

The speed of conveying the message in video is unique, the audience receives more, more useful and more interesting information by spending less time than other forms of content. It has been said that a minute of video is more effective than a million words.

A video can transmit a series of messages systematically. In a video, a story can be told and recreated audiovisually.

The details that can be expressed in a video are far more than all forms of content production. These details, in addition to giving more detailed information to the audience and increasing their awareness in the desired field, also increase the power of the audience’s imagination.

Another advantage is brought by YouTube’s global network, which is based on video sharing. Such a network makes it possible for the content that is produced through video to be placed in the initial search results and also to get a higher rank.

In YouTube, unlike other social networks, in addition to its one billion users, even people who are not members of YouTube can view videos in Google search results, and this is a good advantage for video content producers.

In addition, the video can be shared on the site, blog, instant messengers and all the different social networks.

Another important point is the interactive power of videos, which is much more than text and other forms of content; Because no matter how good we are as a writer, there is still a possibility that the audience will not connect well with our writing and we cannot describe the reality as it is.

For example, you can never describe a company, a factory, and an office as it is, but you can depict it well so that the audience feels that they are one with us.

The audience connects more with the video and imagines itself in the scene; And this means the visualization of the brand and product and the feeling that the audience has towards it.

Some trainings and information are not included in any text or photos and are only possible through video. The audience should be informed step by step and with all the details in order to understand the essence of the matter.

The last and most important thing is trust. The percentage of gaining audience trust in video is much higher than other methods. For example, no matter how much we read text or see pictures about the waterproofness of a phone, we will not believe it until we see it with our own eyes.

What is video marketing or video marketing?

Video marketing is video marketing, which is one of the branches of Internet marketing. In this method of internet marketing, movies and videos are used as advertising tools.

In video marketing, marketers are looking to produce a few minutes of video produced with the following objectives:

  • A complete introduction of a business is done based on its strengths and weaknesses.
  • It is produced in the field of education and an educational video content such as digital marketing training is discussed in it.
  • Introducing how to use a specific tool or service.
  • Introducing a product and how to use it.
  • or anything else that can be used to produce content for any purpose through video.

Types of video marketing

Videos may be movies or lectures, which can be divided into several categories:

1Educational videos

When the company introduces a new product to the market, it becomes difficult for the consumer to use and work with the new product. Therefore, the company decides to explain how to work with the product to its customers by preparing a short training video.

In the training videos, someone teaches the new product step by step how to use it and how to work with it.

2Promotional videos

If the managers of the company intend to introduce the current and past products of the company or want to talk about their company’s services with customers and consumers, they prepare promotional videos.

In this type of videos, the sentences used are descriptive.

3Scientific videos

In scientific videos, the main goal is to describe an article or article in a spoken manner. So that the research related to a product is prepared and made available to users in the form of a short film.

4- Speech videos

When company managers intend to communicate with their customers, they try to make a video of their conversations and upload them to the website. Speech videos can be promotional, scientific, or product introduction.

The reason for the importance of video marketing

Reading the content is sometimes long and out of the users’ interest. For this reason, making a short film can help in explaining the content.

On the other hand, video marketing occupies more space on the site, which is more important for engines.

Advantages of video marketing

  1. Brief and unambiguous descriptions
  2. Attracting users and thus increasing the number of website visitors
  3. Reducing the possibility of copying content by other websites
  4. Publishing video in virtual networks and as a result advertising without paying marketing fees
  5. Familiarity of customers with the company’s products and services
  6. More impact of videos on users and increasing the credibility of the company, provided it is professional

Disadvantages of video marketing

  1. Movies are produced only once, and for this reason, more sensitivity should be spent in their production than written content.
  2. Producing videos for uploading on the website is expensive.
  3. Creating content in the form of video requires expertise and the use of special techniques that cannot be done by everyone.
  4. Video production requires more time and energy than written content.
  5. Advanced filming equipment is needed to make videos.
  6. A narrator with a pleasant voice is needed to describe the film.
  7. Many users do not want to download videos due to the high volume and low speed of the Internet.
  8. Sometimes placing videos increases the volume of the website and decreases the loading speed of the pages.

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