What is an advertising agency?

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What is an advertising agency?

Advertising agency means a group of specialists in the field of advertising planning and development, management and implementation of advertising programs for customers. These agencies, which are also known as creative agencies, are independent and provide quality work and help organizations or individuals to reach their target audience through attractive audio/video advertisements. The advertising agency designs, creates, researches, manages and executes ads in various media platforms for the advertiser.

The goal of such organizations is to present a creative and new image of the desired product to potential customers so that these products remain in people’s minds with an attractive and correct advertisement.

Duties of advertising agencies

An advertising agency is responsible for a wide range of tasks, starting with the implementation of an idea, the commercialization of a new product or service in order to develop healthy public relations. However, some of the important duties of an advertising agency are:

  • Get the advertiser’s idea and message correctly and turn it into an effective and significant communication message.
  • Provide integrated, professional and quality services.
  • Strive to increase sales.
  • Accelerate economic growth and create public awareness of the product.
  • Collect feedback from customers and other audiences for future improvements.


Importance of advertising agency in product advertising

The methods that an advertising agency offers to its customers are integrated and meet all the customer’s needs in the field of advertising, such as the need for content producers, planners, filmmakers, etc. Advertising agencies like Ankader have a large communication network and help your business to use the available resources in the best and most economical way possible and save on current costs.

We also do your advertising work with the highest possible quality. Because we are familiar with advertising strategies and can identify your target customers very well. Therefore, your desired message will be designed for the right audience.

What services are provided by Fitras advertising agency?

The services provided by Fitras Advertising Agency are:

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