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1- Nowadays, people use the Internet instead of the phone book

The fact is that today people find the most and most important information they need from the Internet. Potential customers decide which doctor or clinic to go to, which service company to use, and which product to buy. Where and how to get what you want. According to all marketing principles and methods, it would be very wrong to ignore such a huge potential.

2- Designing a website gives your business a lot of credibility

People expect different jobs and businesses to have their own website. Just like in the past, they expected every company and business to have a real address to refer to in person so that they can trust it. Your website is actually It is your office or store in the Internet world that has its own address.

The truth is that nowadays not having a website creates many questions in the minds of users. Is this company or this doctor and clinic legal? Does he know his job? If this company is really professional in its work, how come it has not yet registered any personal database for itself in the web world? And many other thoughts that you do not want to form in the minds of customers about you.

The fact is, in many of these cases, people will trust your competitor companies that have designed a complete website and show their portfolio and service samples to users and will eventually go to them even if you Be better than them.

3- Website design creates a new marketing channel for you

Having a website gives you a permanent presence on the Internet. Look at it like an advertising billboard. Only this billboard is installed in the virtual world instead of physically, and thousands or millions of users daily. They are passing by and see it. In this way, a new chance and a new channel has been formed for you to be seen and introduce products and services.

Of course, you should keep in mind that the number of people who can see your billboard and the amount of attention that this billboard can attract depends on your activity in the virtual space and your efforts. Methods such as SEO and site optimization , the use of social networks, online advertising, etc. can have a significant impact on the visibility of your website.

4- Having a website allows you to collect customer information

For example, it is often difficult to ask your customers to write down their email address or phone number on a piece of paper when they contact you so that you can contact them in the future.

But it is much easier to type the email address or mobile number in a section of the website. Especially if users know that they will receive something special in exchange for providing this information. For example, a newsletter, a special report about a product, a special discount or Information about future discounts and..

When you have information about users, you will have another way to communicate with them and encourage potential customers to use your services or buy your products.

5- Internet purchases are increasing year by year

According to official reports, in 2013, the amount of online shopping transactions of Iranians was more than 52 thousand billion tomans, this figure increased significantly at the end of 2014 and increased to more than 93 thousand billion tomans, and in 2015, it was nearly 99 thousand billion tomans. The online shopping transaction was announced.

In America, of course, these figures are much higher. For example, in 2015, it was announced that 341.7 billion dollars were purchased through the Internet, and predictions show that Internet shoppers will spend more than 385 billion dollars on their purchases in 2017.

Paying attention to these numbers shows why you should have a website! Because otherwise, you have ignored an incredibly large and growing market, and perhaps ignoring the prominent position of the virtual space in making transactions in the coming years will cause you huge losses.

6- Having a website can direct customers to the store

If you own a bike shop, investing in a website design and online presence can dramatically increase your in-person sales. Thanks to the increasing popularity of virtual exhibitions and showcases and through people’s desire to do research before buying, if you have designed a comprehensive website with complete and accurate information about your product or service, you can attract a large number of customers. Drive the prospect to your store.

Still, 90% of purchases in the world are made through face-to-face visits, and this is why having a website as a place to offer and display goods and explain them is one of the most effective marketing and sales methods today. comes.

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