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1- Proposing the problem:

Advertising teasers are often broadcasted on television in our country and have a significant effect on people’s purchase and familiarity with food products. In this research, the intention is to understand the effect of promotional teasers of dairy products on the people of Isfahan and try to improve these teasers as much as possible.

Dairy products make up a large part of the household food basket. The stages of production and purification of materials and adding different materials to it are very important and should be investigated. Of course, the use of additives has been very important in our country in recent years and is important in people’s choices.

It should also be noted that the teaser is successful in introducing the audience to the products as well as possible and encouraging the people of the country to use the product as much as possible.

Also, in order to make people more familiar with the variety of production of these materials and their properties and how they are produced, this should be achieved with stronger teasers.

Of course, the price plays a significant role in the purchase of dairy products, like other products, and it has a great influence on the type of people’s choice (subsidized, non-subsidized).

2- Objectives:

Near goals: Increasing the level of influence of teasers, especially dairy teasers, on the people of Isfahan

Round goals: Cultivating the consumption of dairy products in the country and preventing various diseases caused by the lack of vitamins in dairy products

3- Research background:

With the research carried out from various sites, no significant text was found in this matter, except for the articles that discussed advertising in general and briefly.

Maybe the reason for not finding it is that the right sentence or phrase was not searched, or the correct information was not obtained due to not having the right website address. Maybe a comprehensive research has not been done for the people of Isfahan. Of course, no book or dissertation was found on this matter, the only source of research information is the library of Najaf Abad University and the library of Isfahan Technical and Vocational University.

4- Research questions:

1- What is more important for the people of Isfahan in buying dairy products?

2- How much does the teasers of dairy products affect the purchase of the people of Isfahan?

3- How many teasers of dairy products are aired on different Iranian TV channels?

4- In the teaser of dairy products, is the use of nature and home space more interesting for the people of Isfahan or animation images?

5- What characteristics of the product should be mentioned in the teaser of dairy products?

6- Can teasers create a culture for consuming more dairy products?

7- Is a teaser effective in promoting a factory?

8- Is the teaser a guarantee for more sales and better quality?

5- Assumptions:

1- When buying dairy products for the people of Isfahan, it is important to be pasteurized, the cleanliness of the manufacturing plant, the amount of additives, especially preservatives, the quality of packaging and the variety in the taste of dairy products.

2- Most of the people of Isfahan buy subsidized milks because no preservatives are used in these milks, they are reasonably priced, they are not high in fat, and they taste good because they do not have any additives.

3- In Iran, there is no special law for the amount of teasers broadcast, and every now and then a certain product is noticed and the factories that produce it start advertising.

4- In the teaser of dairy products, the use of nature and home atmosphere and animation are both good and are used. It is more suitable for flavored ingredients (chocolate milk, chocolate cream, cream cheese, etc.), because these products are more popular with children.

5- It is better to show the following items in the teaser of dairy products: 1- Product characteristics, 2- The amount of vitamins, 3- Additives that are added to the product (omega-3, etc.), 4- Preservatives, 5- Cleanliness of the factory, 6- Type and material of packaging.

6- Teaser has the ability to create culture for dairy consumption, of course, by expressing the properties of the products in a good teaser with an attractive and memorable idea.

7- A good and attractive teaser can introduce the factory that produced it to everyone and remain in memories even with a small number of broadcasts.

8- For the people of Isfahan, first of all, quality is important, then price, then taste, and at the last stage, advertising is important, while if a product with a good quality and price is accompanied by a good teaser, it will certainly have an effect on the sale of that product. .

6- Type of research:

In this research, in order to answer most of the questions, we have to reach their answers by asking people and observing them. So this research is small.

7- Collection method:

In this research, by asking the people and sellers of Isfahan city, factories that produce dairy products and manufacturers of teasers for dairy products, it is possible to understand the influence of teasers and its importance, and find out the characters and scenes that people like. And he asked the sellers the reason for the high sales of the products of some factories. By understanding these issues, it is possible to provide significant help to teaser designers. Another method is to observe people’s reactions to a teaser: To see this purpose, you can first broadcast a teaser on TV for a week. At this stage, he conducted a survey of the dairy products seller about the people’s acceptance of the advertised product, then displayed the same teaser in the dairy stores and observed the reaction of the people after seeing it, whether the product is still the same. will buy or will be influenced by the teaser and buy the advertised product. Of course, of these two methods, the second method is more suitable and a more correct answer will be obtained. Because in the first method, people may get emotional when faced with the questionnaire and not give the real answer.

This is a field research, but it can also be used to raise the level of aesthetics and influence of teasers through the study of advertising guide books and articles.

8- Research limitations:

In this research, we encounter various problems, which are stated in the following cases:

1- It is possible that people are not in the same mental state when answering the questions.

2- It is possible that every person in a special mental condition saw the teaser, as a result, it did not have a real effect on the person, or it reminded them of a good or bad memory, which is effective in answering their questions.

3- Teaser manufacturers may not have enough knowledge in making it.

4- Also, the method of distribution of the products of different factories in the city is not the same and as a result, it is not possible to be satisfied with the answers of sellers in different places.

5- Asking children comes with its own problems. Like being afraid of the interviewer or expressing things that have been repeated to them by schools and parents, not their true beliefs.

9- The necessity and importance of research:

It should be noted that promotional teasers are very important in our country and have an important effect on informing and persuading people to buy goods. So, with a proper research about it, the weak and strong points of the teasers can be achieved and help to improve the teasers of dairy products as much as possible.

Also, in this research, by asking people and understanding their interests, you can find out the important features in a teaser and help to strengthen these features as much as possible.

Since the per capita consumption of milk in our country is low and milk has an important place in the household basket, if the teasers of dairy products cannot make people aware of the properties and importance of using it, our country will face a huge disaster that may not be easily resolved. Solve it payment. So, with this research, it is possible to find out the required indicators that influence the people, and with strong teasers, it is possible to contribute significantly to the culturalization of the consumption of narcotics in the country.

10- Scope of research:

1- This research is conducted in Isfahan city in 2018.

2- Questions from different age groups: Children (elementary level) – Teenagers (middle and high school level) – Young people (18 to 30 years old with various educations) – Middle-aged people (30 to 50 years old with various educations and occupations) – Elderly people (50 to 70 years old with various educations and occupations) Different)

3- Questions from the product seller and the sales manager of the dairy factory and the designer of the teasers

11- Research perspective:

With the help of this research, the influence of teasers on the people of Isfahan has been realized, and their interests and desires are known more and more, and efforts are being made to improve the level of teasers.

Because the teasers are broadcasted on TV channels, most of the people of Iran see them. Therefore, by conducting this research in different provinces of Iran, it is possible to pay attention to the wishes and opinions of all the people and give importance to issues in the making of teasers that are important for the majority of the people of the country. Of course, it is difficult to conduct this research in all the cities or provinces of the country, or maybe it is better to divide the country into four parts, north, south, east and west, and by asking people in the centers of the provinces, it reached the desired result, and from this research, not only It is used for dairy products but also for all food products.

12- Definition of words:

teaser: Advertisements broadcast on TV and radio.

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