Teaser and photography studio

We divide this unit into two parts, making teasers and clips, as well as a photography studio.

The main goal of this department is to visualize attractive ideas and implement them with completely creative methods in the form of clips. Everything that sparks in the mind of a creative writer is realized in the teaser production unit.

In order to achieve this goal, in addition to expert, skilled and professional forces, access to advanced and up-to-date facilities and equipment is one of the most important points.

This unit continuously strives to have the cooperation, power and support of elite artists in the fields of directing, imaging, photography, set and costume design, decor, make-up, special effects, acting, etc.

One of our main advantages in this unit is the production of professional teasers with an advertising scenario influenced by the strength of the brand and the employer’s goal. We are determined to be able to show the best quality and unique output with the latest video cameras with full frame and 4k quality and the ability to shoot on land, air and underwater to attract the audience and investors.

Industrial teaser production department services

Preparation and production of all kinds of advertisements and TV teasers (real, animation)
Preparation and production of industrial films, advertisement reports, brand introduction films
Video coverage (photos and videos) of ceremonies, conferences and meetings, events and exhibitions and simultaneous broadcasting on virtual networks.
Preparation of news reports and popular reports (Vex Pop)
Preparation and production of television programs and documentaries for the brand
dubbing and sounding and film editing
Implementation of various field and image special effects
Jingle song production (sound signature)
Preparation and production of video reports with different purposes (project progress, employer monitoring, etc.)


Photography is the world of attractions and photos are very important visual elements in the production of advertising content and effective retrieval. Recording expressive and beautiful images of a brand’s products and services requires aesthetic knowledge, skill experience, and high-level technology. For this reason, photography is always considered as a fundamental pillar for introducing all brands and for solid, lasting and steady interaction with the audience.

Fitras “advertising photography” department is always ready to serve the brand’s advertising-marketing strategies, programs and goals, relying on its creative, skilled and artistic photographers, as well as having modern equipment equipped with the latest cameras and lighting devices.

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