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“Graphic Atelier” of Fitras advertising agency, nevertheless understands the importance of this principle and the indisputable reality of a professional that the success of advertising and marketing of a brand depends on the visual communication of that brand with the audience. As he knows very well, nothing can create a beautiful and memorable image of a brand in the audience’s mind like a proper visual communication.

It is interesting to know that one of the ways of indirect and effective advertising is to refer a mental image to the audience of your collection and its cheap features. For this reason, this solution has found an important place in advertising today, which is usually neglected, but realizing this and creating a unified visual identity for you in all advertising media requires a comprehensive and expert visual implementation strategy.

At the same time, the contemporary world is the world of images and each of us faces thousands of images every day. In this whole image space, our graphic department is trying to create a unique and impressive visual personality of your collection with smart ideation and strategy.

Services of the graphic studio department

Designing the brand’s visual identity and creating a visual strategy
Designing signs (logos) and writing signs (logotype) and proposing brand organizational colors
Catalog and brochure design, handbag, office letterhead, personnel cover, product cover, etc.
Creative design of advertising concepts for billboards, strawboards and light boxes
Educational and content infographic design and brand advantage induction
Designing a set of posters of brand advantages to be installed in urban waterways
Graphic design of web pages and virtual networks, including Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, etc.
character design
UI/UX design of dedicated sites

Designing posters for discount campaigns

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