Digital Marketing

The virtual world is becoming more real day by day and its role and contribution in our life is increasing more and more. The world of advertising, marketing and digital branding is no exception to this rule. The strategy of successful brands in the world is moving towards creating a connection between all media, that is, strategies are formulated in such a way that ATL, TTL, BTL media serve a single purpose and act as a fabric. This issue is not excluded in the digital field either. The range of digital media is very wide and it will be different according to your strategy and its policies, so you should develop a road map so that all media serve each other and the goal of your business.

One of the important advantages of digital advertising is the economic nature of doing advertising and marketing activities in it. The opportunity to reach a wide audience and the interactive features of social networks has made it very affordable for you and completely measurable according to media monitoring tools.

Another advantage of working in the digital space is access to a targeted database for you. This database can be accessed through the use of digital tools and facilities, and this possibility can lead to better optimization and productivity of business activities.

Digital Marketing Department Services

Professional implementation of productions in digital media such as social networks and websites
Creating content in different formats
Designing integrated online branding strategies in line with the offline space
Integration of online services with the aim of reducing costs and increasing efficiency
Analysis and reporting of activities and optimization of content and advertisements by providing a new solution
Periodic review of programs, analysis of results, etc.
Planning, designing and producing various types of specialized content according to the identity and needs of the collection
Effective advertising on websites and applications in the form of banners and native
Advertising through SMS and Email
Advertising through influencers; Celebrities and influencers of virtual networks

Viral video ads
Correcting and changing strategies when needed and choosing new approaches to get the best results
Effective content production based on brand strategy for social networks and the web
Daily analysis based on digital standard reporting
Designing and creating a customer club
Designing and creating digital interactive attractions, in the form of vox pop clips
Design and implementation of advertising campaigns in social networks
Strategy design and implementation to improve website performance and ranking in search engines (SEO)


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