Animation and motion graphics

The activities of this unit include making and producing 2D animations, stop motion and motion graphics.

As you know, in a 2D animation, characters, stories, and backgrounds are all in 2D environments, and shapes can move up and down, left and right. In other words, in two-dimensional animation, shapes and images are drawn based on the X and Y axes.

In the animation department, there is another section called motion graphics, which is a combination of the two words motion meaning movement and graphics meaning image; which is made by After Effects. Motion graphics is a combination of the art of graphic design, animation and the science of using designed elements, which is combined and completed with music and related sound effects at the end.

In the Department of Animation, Fitras dares to claim that it is one of the only animation production groups in the north of the country and can provide the most service for the development and differentiation of businesses.

Exclusive design of characters and background, rigging, modeling, professional and regular actions, attractive animations and mana, multiple rotations of the camera view, and many changes in the scene and music, attractive and intimate narrations and dubbing are all factors. The set that has distinguished the animations produced by Fitras.

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A selection of completed projects


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