Advertising and branding consulting

In this department, we aim to provide the best advertising advice that can be important and fruitful for business owners. We have divided this department into two parts, “Strategy and Strategic Determination” and “Ideas and Think Tank” based on its capacities and extents.

Strategy and strategic determination

After several meetings with the knowledge of your wishes, the consultancy department of Fitras Advertising and Creativity Agency collects and analyzes the relevant data and tries to get the best and most benefit from these data for strategic planning. This is done according to the type, nature, field of activity and your needs.

The goals of this department are to implement processes such as branding, analysis of the current value of the brand, market analysis, analysis of the variety of customers’ demands. We are determined to be able to effectively analyze the taste of the target audience and increase the competitive advantages of your business.

In this department, formulation, strategy and set of creative programs are done by relying on world-class knowledge in the field of branding and marketing, and the work is based on the following three principles:

Detailed examination of your wishes
Comprehensive analysis of the target market
Localization in order to use the successful experiences of the world’s most prestigious brands

Our services in this section

Analyzing the advertising actions of relevant and reliable global brands

Analysis of advertising activities of competitors in the market
Compilation and design of your brand’s verbal identity strategy, including brand name, collection logo, brand expression tone, keywords and key phrases desired by the employer
Formulating advertising strategy in digital media such as social networks and websites
Audience analysis and target groups
Identify new technologies in your industry
Identifying leading tools and providing new solutions in the field of entering modern fields

  • Providing strategy in order to strengthen the advertising brand of the collection
    Providing strategies for advertising campaigns
    Campaign management
    Providing an effective media program in the form of identifying the brand sense of the collection

Ideation and brainstorming

Creative ideas give soul and life to strategies, road maps and plans of advertising and branding strategists. Therefore, at Fitras advertising agency, we try to make all processes based on creative ideas.

The “Ideasing Working Group” of our advertising and creativity agency has been responsible for the creative process of strategies, plans, plans and methods since the past. In this way, think tank colleagues have made all their efforts to develop an attractive, effective, lasting and memorable connection between the business brand and the main target group of customers.

The important thing is that the more creative a strategy can be presented in the form of campaigns and advertising processes, the more durable it will be in minds and memories. Sometimes, a concept arising from creativity, whether in the form of a clip or a poster, finds a function similar to a proverb and continues to exist for years in people’s daily conversations and interactions, in movies and books, virtual space, social networks, publications, etc. . In this unit, we are trying to help your brand grow with a creative idea in an effective advertising campaign.

In any case, producing creative content, appropriate to the audience, media type, social behavior and technical requirements such as the time of screening or presenting campaigns and advertisements, is one of the most important and challenging parts of our work.

Think tank services in your project

Creating main and central ideas (Big Idea) in line with advertising strategies and campaigns
Creating musical ideas, jingles and…
Creating a mana character for the brand
Creating and authoring advertising content for different media
Writing scenarios for TV and radio teasers in the future
Authoring the advertising slogan of the brand (slogan and tagline) Slogan, Tagline


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