7 characteristics of a good advertisement


1. Create and show differentiation

All successful brands have a competitive advantage or distinctive feature that differentiates that brand from its competitors. A good ad should highlight this distinctive feature in the mind of the audience and establish it.

2. Concentration

It is very important to have a single and focused goal in the implementation of advertising campaigns. To achieve this goal, the advertising strategy and its message should also be aligned with the media and ideas that are chosen to create interaction with the audience and be focused on a specific goal.

3. Prevent message complexity

Communication in the advertising industry is actually what is heard, not what is said! To better understand this sentence, it is better to give an example. Many business owners plan to include several points in an advertisement and convey many messages to the audience, but what the audience hears are several jumbled messages that are not fixed in their minds and the advertisement loses its effectiveness. Gives. Therefore, you should always shout your main message. If you cannot convey a single message to the audience without any complexity, then your advertising idea is too complicated and will confuse the audience.

4. Presentation of an attractive idea

Having attractive advertising ideas will not only guarantee your success to a large extent, but also help to stabilize your practice. Because you will gradually be forced to integrate your strategic thinking and other activities such as branding and marketing strategies, brand development, digital marketing strategy formulation in various fields such as social network marketing, media planning or buying, website design, search engine optimization, etc. with this idea. Align large. As a result, your audience will connect with this creative idea more easily.

5. Creating interaction

Your audience is exposed to many advertisements every day. In the first step, it is important which ad attracts their attention the most, because otherwise they will not even remember your brand name! In the next step, an advertisement should be designed in such a way as to make the audience interact and encourage them to take the desired action. The explanation for this issue is clearer in the case of digital advertising. For example, a successful advertisement in social networks can attract the attention of many audiences and encourage them to write comments, repost content, participate in digital contests and interact with other customers. Or a landing page with an attractive CTA is very effective in directing users to perform your desired action.

6. Strong and attractive visual aspects

The attention of the human brain is unconsciously drawn to the photos, videos, colors and generally the visual items of an advertisement. Therefore, you should not neglect the importance of optimally designing the visual features of an advertisement so that you can establish your brand name in the minds of the audience and increase the conversion rate. Do not forget that these features should reflect the visual features of the brand and be in line with its identity.

7. Focus on providing solutions to customers

Think of selling the solution, not the product! One of the main reasons that customers are willing to use your brand’s services or products is to solve their need, challenge or problem in this way. Therefore, the goal of a good ad should not be focused on the product, but it should show the audience that your brand is thinking of providing solutions to their problems and cares a lot about the wishes of its customers.

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